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CJ Bookkeeping made hiring employees simple!
Orchardis Publishing Ltd.

How CJ Bookkeeping made hiring employees simple!

Becoming an employer


Employing staff is a big deal for the vast majority of small business owners across the UK.

For most people, it’s a calculated risk and part of growing a business, increasing the profits, and, importantly, creating an asset that can be sold in the future, when the owner wishes to move on or retire. However, it’s also a huge responsibility for most people. Taking on an employee is often life-changing for them and their family and no reasonable individual undertakes this responsibility lightly.

So, the thought of adding a new employee to a business is often worrying as well as exciting.

Taking on staff

Chris Hooton, from Orchadis Publishing Ltd, had been running his copywriting and email marketing business for over twelve years, predominantly on his own. At the point of taking on a project involving the development of a marketing online training course Chris realised he needed more resources and therefore needed to employ some staff. Chris was very wary of this process as he was not sure where to start in even registering as an Employer.

Orchadis Publishing Ltd. and CJ Bookkeeping

Fortunately, Clare at CJ Bookkeeping was on hand to offer some brilliant advice – She explained how she could look after all of these employment headaches for him.

Clare handled the entire process, right from the start with the registration of Orchadis Publishing as an Employer with HMRC, and advising the relevant minimum wage rate Daisy would need to be paid at.

Clare also managed the collation of employee data required for setup on the payroll software and scheduled the payroll to be processed weekly, handling the real-time submissions to HMRC, and the pension assessments. Clare also provided a very easy to read breakdown of payments Chris needed to make to his employee and HMRC, along with payslip for the employee, so all involved costs were visible.

What Orchadis Publishing Ltd. said about CJ Bookkeeping

The whole process was incredibly easy, I could devote my time to working on my training course with Daisy, while Clare took care of everything else. The only task I had to undertake, was to pay Daisy her weekly wage, every Friday via BACS transfer and pay a single monthly payment to HMRC if required.

I really enjoyed employing Daisy and, by the end of the contract, we had massively improved my training course. CJ Bookkeeping made employing my first employee incredibly easy.

Chris Hooton

Managing Director, Orchadis Publishing Ltd.

Looking for advice on taking on employees?

Talk to Clare about managing the whole process for you, leaving you free to work on your business…

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